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We invite you to get involved in the Beautycounter movement! There are 4 ways you can become involved with Beautycounter:

CLIENT: Begin to educate yourself and start making safer choices for you and your family. Print out our Never List and look at your products. If you decide that you are interested in using safe and effective products please contact Laura so that she can help you choose the perfect products.

MEMBER: Our Band of Beauty Member program is for those who want to join our movement. When Members enroll, they pay $25, $10 of which they get to allocate to one of our three Trusted Non-Profits:

Healthy Child Healthy World

Breast Cancer Fund

Environmental Working Group

Our Members receive some incredible perks including free shipping on all orders over $100, a $25 product reward for every $300 spent in sales and special surprises and delights throughout the year. Please reach out to Laura if you are interested in becoming a Member.

HOSTESS: Hosting a social is a great way to get involved with Beautycounter. Hosting is easy and fun. Simply invite 5-10 friends over to your house to learn more about how they can make their lives safer and healthier. Socials can be held in the morning, afternoon or evening. Socials are a great way to share our social mission. Hostesses are able to shop at 50% off in return for hosting a social. Contact Laura for more information.

CONSULTANT: The most exciting way to join Beautycounter is to become a Consultant. A Consultant is someone who is passionate about the social mission and wants to share it with others. There are Consultants who work 4 hours a week and some who work 40 hours a week, some who make a part-time income and some who make a generous full-time income. Please reach out to Laura for more information on how becoming a consultant can fit into your life. You can also read about how to start your own Beautycounter business.

Our mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.

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