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Are you looking for a change? Perhaps more work/life balance? A new hobby and/or career that you love? Join the Beautycounter team and start your own business that can become all of these for you, and more. I’m Laura Stenovec, your personal Beautycounter mentor!

Join the Beautycounter Team

Laura with team members Vanessa Pass, Elaine Chiu, Jenn Indra, Donna Casali

Learn More About Beautycounter

Curious about Beautycounter? Our products are fantastic, and we have a great social mission to go along with them. When you join the Beautycounter team, you’ll see that our goal – for the company and us as individuals – is to educate people on the importance of using safer products (that actually work!)

Learn More About Laura Stenovec

I personally lead a team of over 7,500 consultants in the US and Canada and have a proven track record of success. Joining my team means you will learn from a compassionate and authentic leader. My favorite part of this business is developing leaders. I want to help people do what I have done (and continue to do!)

Join the Beautycounter Team

Laura’s Executive Leadership Retreat May 2016 in Austin, Texas

Come be part of something larger than yourself and make a difference in the lives of those you love. You will feel the sense of camaraderie and friendship that comes from being a part of the Beautycounter community. I see myself, Laura Stenovec, not just as a successful Beautycounter Consultant, but as a leadership coach. When you join the Beautycounter team and the fabulous business owners that I work with every day, you’ll find that a love of people and helping others makes this a “dream job.” I get to educate those around me about how make their lives safer and I get help my team members reach their goals. What could be better than that?

How to Join the Beautycounter Team

A great place to start is to review this article on how to start a Beautycounter business here.

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