How to Start a Beautycounter Business

How to Start a Beautycounter Business

With over 20,000 Consultants and growing, Beautycounter is an amazing company that offers not only a safer quality product line, but also an incredible income opportunity for those looking to start a business and for those who share in our mission. For me, the decision to start a Beautycounter business has turned into a full-time career. Yet, it is so much more. It is a passion and I truly love what I do. I have helped thousands of people start their businesses, and have hundreds of customers who use and enjoy the products.

Whether you have 5 hours a week or are looking for a new full-time career , I encourage you to discover the “beauty” in Beautycounter. If starting a Beautycounter business sounds like an opportunity that you would love, here are some tips to get you going. I want to help you become the next Beautycounter success story.

Start a Beautycounter BusinessHere is what you will need to start a Beautycounter business:

#1 – Choose your mentor.

Who introduced you to Beautycounter? Reach out to them and let them know that you are interested in starting a Beautycounter business. Don’t know a Consultant? Contact me.

#2 – Sign up and purchase a business enrollment kit.

This kit comes with great tools to get your new business moving in the right direction quickly; including your own personalized website, access to your back office, a step-by-step training platform, and more.

#3 – Order your products.

Decide which products you would like to have to show potential customers and which products you would like to use for yourself and your family.

#4 – Make a plan and set up goals for your business.

This is the most important step when becoming a new business owner, yet often the most overlooked. Determine how much time you would like to invest on a weekly basis, the amount of income you are looking to make, and the specifics on how you plan to achieve these things.

#5 – Begin utilizing the training system and schedule frequent calls with your mentor.

Beautycounter has a training program. In addition, your mentor is an excellent resource for you and will be with you every step of the way.

#6 – Start talking about your new business.

Share your new business with your family, friends and network. They will be so glad that you are introducing them to Beautycounter.

#7 – Grow your business!

You have the opportunity to earn up to 35% commissions on any of the products you sell. You can grow even more by adding and mentoring new teammates in your business. In addition, Beautycounter offers lots of great perks and rewards for successfully sharing our mission!

Have any questions about how to start your Beautycounter business? 

Contact me today for more information. We would love to have you join us!