Work With Me

Work With Me

Are you here because you want to own a business that is flexible, has realistic earning potential, and allows you to work around your life, family, and other responsibilities? Work with Beautycounter and with me, Laura Stenovec! Starting a Beautycounter Business meets all of these qualities and more.

Work with Laura Stenovec

Laura hosted a dinner and celebrated with her team members during the Beautycounter Leadership Summit in Atlanta, Feburary 2016

Let me ask you… What if there was a way to build a business while also changing the way the world thinks about beauty and health? Do you have a desire to make a lasting impact on the people around you, while keeping them safer?

Honestly, I never dreamed it would be possible to combine financial success with the ability to create change, all at the same time. 

My Life Before and After Beautycounter

My background is non-profit fundraising. When I worked in the nonprofit industry, I knew that every day I was making a difference. I loved this. I didn’t think I could find it in the corporate world. I didn’t think I could have a career that was both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Then I was introduced to Beautycounter…

When I started to work with Beautycounter, it was alongside a full time job at a nonprofit organization in Denver. I balanced both jobs for an entire year, until it became clear that Beautycounter would forever change my life’s work.

Beautycounter is a company that is truly changing the dialogue on the personal care industry. We are a Certified B corporation and have been working to change the legislation (or lack thereof) and educate others on the importance of knowing what is in their products.

Work with Laura Stenovec

Laura at the 2016 Beautycounter Leadership Summit, speaking about one of her favorite topics: work/life balance and time management

We all have a right to do what we love. I sure do agree with this, wholeheartedly. I feel so lucky to have found a career that I truly love.

What does life look like for me now? Well, I’m free to work and earn as much as I want, and every day I get to work with people who inspire me and get me jumping out of bed in the mornings.

Now, my next big goal is showing you how to do it.

I am not expecting you to quit your job or take a huge risk, but rather, just to make a commitment that you are going to make a difference and live the life you want.